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"This was my number one choice of preschool for my son. He is finishing up his first year and I couldn't be happier with EPNS. In the words of my son, " I love it because I love my favorite teacher!"  

-Mimi S.

"Both of my kids have attended "EPNS", teacher Joanny is AWESOME!  There's a real sense of community at this school, which is so important."     

-Johnathan S. 

"EPNS is a great school with a great teacher! Teacher Joanny is very patient and helpful to all of her kids.  My daughter LOVES this school!  I have no doubt in my mind that the friends she made here will remain our family friends!"     

-Mario P.

EPNS is a real gem. Schools like these nowadays are few and far between. As an educator and former preschool director myself, i tend to view things through the lens of both a parent and a teacher. What I appreciate most about EPNS is the healthy balance between formative and life skills that are honed through various activities that are well-thought of and designed creatively.

-Francesca J

My son attends school here and we love it! The community is amazing and so supporting and involved. I cannot say enough good things about the support system and village that this preschool creates. I joined a co-op so my son could socialize but it turned out that I got to make a ton of friends as well.
Teacher Joanny is so kind and patient with the kiddos and really gets to know all the ins and out of each kid. The established structure of the co-op makes it easy to jump in and pick up the rhythm right away.

-Vanessa N


We are in our second year at EPNS and enrolling our son here as been one of the best decisions we've made for our son. He is learning and developing strong social and emotional skills all through play. Teacher Joanny is so dedicated to the children and the school- she is kind and knowledgeable, the best of the best as far as educators go! We have met so many amazing families, relationships we will take with us long after we graduate.

-Alex P

I've had two children attend and I can't say enough wonderful things about my family's experience at EPNS. We started out as naive parents without  family or friends with kids in the area and came away with such an amazing supportive community of friends, fellow parents and amazing little people. 

-Amy J

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